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Conners 2003

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Conners 2003
Conners Moments 2003
Here are some of the memorable moments we have had in 2003.  Hope you enjoy the photos!
Well another softball season has passed but this year we had a switch.  Emily made the Hyde Park Tournament Team (this is the little league world series division you see on TV).  I also made the team as an assistant coach.  We made it to the quarter finals, Emily was the winning pitcher in our first game, and made a great catch in the outfield in another game to keep the score tied in extra innings.  I am very proud of her.
One of our tournament games was against a much smaller and less talented team then us.  As part of good sportsmanship, with the score already 21-0, I told Emily to strike out on purpose, to save face for the other team.  These three photos are her trying to strike out, but actually hitting the ball instead.  You can see the surprised look on her face when she hits it, then the worried face as she contemplates if she is in trouble for not striking out.  It was one of the biggest laughs we had all season.
Above Rachel takes a good rip at a pitch as it hits crosses home plate.  Rachel also made the tournament team, however her team lost the first two games to bow out early.  Rachel also pitched in the first game and did well, however the defense let her down.  In the second game she was the catcher, and had 2 tag outs at home plate.  Sure made her dad smile too!
Below is Rachel following in her father's footsteps, by learning how to waterski.   This is the very first time she was able to get up.  She'll do great next year!
Here's Grandma C and Aunt Darlene, relaxing at the shore.  Brianna is on Darlene's lap and she is pregnant with Michael Jr.
Rachel graduated from her grade school this Summer.  Here she is congratulated by her principal.
Mike took Emily, Rachel, Matthew and Marisa on a fishing trip in Copake Lake on a rainy morning.  You can see how well we did with the picture form the live well to the right.
Here's those two cutie pie's Brianna and Alyssa, enjoying a mid morning snack at Uncle Mike and Aunt Lori's.
Emily and Jean know how to relax on the boat.
Grandma and Grandpa had their annual Columbus Day party.  Here are all the nieces and nephews holding their treasures Grandna prepared for them.

Dad took Emily and Rachel to meet Vance Wilson and Ty Wiggington from the NY Mets.  Here Ty asked to have his picture taken with the Conners girls.  Dad also got their autograph.
While on the farm on Columbus Day, Bruce took us all on a hayride.  Here we stop for a break and stretch our legs.

Lori insisted we would bake an apple pie on Columbus Day, and here's proof that we did.  Other activities included, button making, soap making and the very popular paint a souvenoir shirt.  
Bellow is Emily and her 2 good friends right getting ready for the big dance at school.....No I mean dressing up for Halloween.

To the right is Jr Miss America, Rachel with her friend, and her cousin Alyssa, getting ready to trick of treat.


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