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Conners Family Web Page

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Conners Family Web Page
Welcome to the Conners' Family Web Page
Our daughter, Emily, made this house on the computer when she was four.
Who are we?
Hello, we are the Conners family residing in the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York.  My name is Michael, my wife is Lori, and our children are Emily and Rachel.

"On the Lake with our friends"
Coach dad and Emily, of the "Orioles".
What a beauty!
Our Web Life...
On the web we play strategy games and do research.  With the help of the web we have found that our Great-great-great grandfather Isaac Pyers fought in the Civil War.  We research vacations, like Disney and Washington D.C., and look up interesting facts.

Our Interests...
We love to vacation at a little cottage on the Long Island Sound.  We like to visit our friends house on the lake in upstate New York.  We own a 20 foot Bayliner boat and enjoy rides in it.  Emily and Rachel are involved in playing softball, doing gymnastics, and love to bike-ride.  Lori enjoys her gardening, reading, and walks through the neighborhood but doesn't get enough time to do them.  Our children collect beanies, and I sports memorabilia.

Here's our Rachel.
This is our boat, "Sweet Dream"
Our Favorite links......
Conners 2003 NEW!
Dad and the girl's crabbing at the dock.

Click here for more pictures

Thanks for visiting us, come back soon.
Rachel can turn the world upside down.
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The following addition to our Web page is additional photos and activities in our lives that will be updated periodically...... Enjoy
Bonnie convinces us to go golfing in her back yard.
Bonnie yells at Bruce to get the green mowed and "Hurry it up!".
Bonnie warns the rest of us not to laugh or we'll be next!!
Bruce are you awake?


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