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2003-Disney Trip
Disney 2003


Disney 2003
DISNEY 2003!!
Well, we did it!  We all boarded a plane and flew to Orlando to visit Mickey.  Here's the whole gang: Emily, Michael, Lori, Bruce, Allen, Flo, Rachel, Nancy, Jarod, and little Alyssa.
Emily and Rachel were happy to be in sunny Florida.
Alyssa sure is happy to be in Disneyworld!
Three generations of Conners women pose proudly in front of the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.
Bruce, Bonnie, Al and Flo pose near the fountain at Epcot.
Flo standing next to Mickey at Disney.....who would have thought?
Emily an Rachel dressed in their "Hoop Dee Doo Revue" outfits stand proud in front of Cinderella's castle.
We are waiting patiently for the parade to start at Animal Kingdom, while Rachel takes our picture.
Many thanks to my lovely wife Lori, who put the whole trip together.  We all left with memories that will last a lifetime.
Bonnie stands tall in front of the castle.
The group poses at Epcot.
Here we are enjoying the night at Epcot, while Illuminations begins.
One thing about Emily, she sure knew how to relax while we waited for the bus to come by.
Rachel had the timing of the jumping water at Epcot all figured out, so she thought.
A very proud Dad poses with his two darling daughters, in front of the Rocking Roller Coaster.
We brought a lunch everyday to the park to keep the trip affordable.
The Grandparents with their 2 oldest grand-daughters
We used to call Rachel "Minnie" because of her high squeeky voice, she looks so big standing next to Minnie now.


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