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Merl's Mame Arcade Machine    
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History and Background
I originally found Mame while searching for arcade sites.  After downloading Mame and playing Joust, I was hooked.  I read each and every site I could find regarding cabinet building and interfacing.  The BYOAC site hosted by Saint I owe all my inspiration and success to.  Every question I posted was answered quickly and professionally.  Also thanks to the owner of the Ultimate Arcade Machine site, which is the design I based my machine after.  Also great thanks to Lusid's site, for the templates for the control panel.

The Mame program brought me back to my teenager years in the 80's.  In my prime I could routinely score 1,000,000 on Missile Command.  I thought of the great times I could have playing these classics from the 80's with my two daughters, 8 and 10.  

I read everything I could find before I started building.  I was amazed by the different designs and styles created.  From start to finish the project took me about five months of weekends.  A few of them I actually had to do other things besides work on the arcade cabinet.  

Last, but never least, I have to thank my darling wife for all her support.  She endured my endless conversations about how I would attach this, or how would this look.