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Merl's Mame Arcade Machine
Here is my pride and joy!  Loads of work, but tons of fun!  It plays 2634 games and sports a 25 inch TV screen.  It costs a quarter to play, but there is a "special" coin button for family and close friends.  I have all the details about how and why it came about, just click on a link to the left and learn more.
Here my quality control testers, give me their opinion.  On the right is the finished product.  Every piece of the steering assembly was obtained form Ebay.  Also here is a good side by side example of the old marquee on the left and the new marquee on the right.

History and Background   |   Materials   |   Construction   |   Cabinet   |   Control Panel   |   Steering wheels   |   Computer   |   Finishing touches   |   Light Gun   |   Tips and Troubleshooting   |   Related Links   |   Contact Me   |   Sports Room